5 Easy Ways to De-stress this Spring

As much as I love Spring, this time of year can turn into nothing but a long ‘to-do’ list of household chores and Winter clean up projects, but before you get to bogged down with your list, I hope you will take some time to enjoy all the beauty this season has to offer.


I am pretty sure that most of us have experienced just how therapeutic a walk in the woods can be but I love the term coined by the Japanese called forest bathingI do not believe the Japanese invented nature hikes but they have done some research to fully explain the specific benefits nature has to offer us. You may not live near a forest, but nature is just beyond your door and here is my list of ways to enjoy some simple stress relief this Spring.

  1. Open a window. 

    What a simple way to let nature in! Studies have been done that site the calming benefits of nature sounds during a stressful activity. Spas have been using the power of nature sounds for years to calm clients during services but this is an easy one to try at home.

  2. Go for a walk.

    When I was visiting New York City, I loved walking and seeing the busy streets but marveled at the beauty of the green ivy growing against the trees planted right in the sidewalks and who wouldn’t love Central Park? Green things are everywhere! When I lived in the city I would walk in my neighborhood and look at everyone’s landscaping to seek out beautiful plants I could try in my own garden or just enjoy the fruits of other people’s labour; what a refreshment!

  3. Plant something. 

    Even a small apartment has space for a potted plant so why not get your fingernails dirty? As an esthetician I adore well groomed hands but I think I love digging in the dirt even more. Seeing an ordinary pot or flower bed come to life with colour and texture that my own hands designed simply makes me smile.

  4. Organize something. 

    I agree. This one sounds like work; but being in an organized space really will reduce your stress. Spring cleaning is a common phenomenon and not one that I strictly schedule but I will ‘go with the flow’ to accomplish tasks. Start small and just organize one kitchen drawer this week and see where it goes!

  5.  Stop and take deep breaths. 

    Before you leave in your car, open the window and take in 3 deep breaths. If you wait for the bus, take 3 breaths while you wait. This simple action will create calm. I like the 4-7-8 method which the link will describe to you in more detail. Give it a try!


    Myrtle Beach: a favourite spot to listen to nature!


I would love to hear about any Springtime activities that help you reduce your stress to more fully enjoy this time of year. Have a beautiful day!



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