Aromatherapy 101: Tips for the beginner.

aromatherapy 101There are many aromatherapy companies out there selling consumers on the amazing properties of essential oils and yes, they ARE amazing. However,  do these companies do a good job of teaching safety measures needed for the beginner?

I urge you to be very careful and do some homework before you open a bottle of pure essential oils and think you can sprinkle it on everyone in your house (including the dog).

I may sound harsh, but aromatherapy is not to be taken lightly and when I hear of companies telling mothers to put essential oils straight on the skin of their young children and dare I say ingest them, I get very concerned. I have created an info-graphic shown below to describe some basic safety measures and points to consider before practicing aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy 101 (1)

Like many people, I love ‘do it yourself’ projects and home remedies but just because something is natural and comes from a plant does not mean it is safe to use in it’s pure and concentrated form.

I have studied and used aromatherapy for my entire career as an esthetician and worked with and studied under 2 certified aromatherapists. Even the most experienced aromatherapist will rarely (if ever) suggest a client ingest any essential oil and the only one that can be used neat (straight) on the skin is Lavender.

In conclusion, aromatherapy is an amazing holistic therapy that has so many benefits and there are some great ways to start using essential oils safely. Consider using a diffuser to get the essential oils into the air and do some study before you begin using them on your body. One book I suggest is ‘The art of Aromatherapy’ by Robert Tisserand as it is easy to read, includes properties of various oils and has safe recipes to follow.

My goal with this post is to help those who wish to begin using aromatherapy in daily life and I plan for more posts on this topic in the future.

I welcome any questions or comments.  🙂

Have a beautiful day!




2 thoughts on “Aromatherapy 101: Tips for the beginner.

  1. Thank you Mel, I am sharing this post. Far too many people really don’t know what they are doing with essential oils, and I freak out a little when I hear of people ingesting them!


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