Clay Pot Lighthouse; a how-to guide.

I am quickly becoming a Pinterest addict! This spa chick is not the most ‘crafty’ person but with a little inspiration and an understanding of my limited degree of talent, I can usually estimate which projects may be successful 🙂

With the gardening season around the corner and gifts to buy in the month of May, I felt inspired to get creative and wanted to share.

style sneakers

If you search ‘clay pot lighthouse’ on Pinterest you will see many styles created by talented people to give you some ideas.


  1. I purchased the clay pots from Dollarama and found the solar light there as well; I had most of the paint at home already.
  2. I glued the 3 pots together using gorilla glue but I do not recommend that as it dripped and I had to remove that later. I suggest the E6000 adhesive.
  3. Zinnser bulls eye 1-2-3 primer (a favourite). 2 coats.
  4. One coat of white semi-gloss latex paint.
  5. Black acrylic craft paint for the trim.
  6. For the windows and door I used a sharpie permanent marker with a stencil and then painted inside the lines. (My years of painting nails came in handy here!)
  7. paint the top with red acrylic craft paint.
  8. A detail brush helped add craft paint to the windows and door.
  9. I glued the decorator stones with the E6000 adhesive, one row at a time starting at the bottom; this worked best so they do not slip while the glue sets. (I learned that by the second lighthouse!)
  10. I spray painted 2 coats of clear gloss.
  11. I attached the solar light with the E6000 adhesive.

Project Photos:

18447001_1306124932775930_8751392459020736478_n18446543_1306124886109268_7869296668359976878_n18447074_1306124816109275_9116911539080491640_n18447256_1306124626109294_2005626881095315754_n18446535_1306124782775945_1752490321232263529_n18486445_1306124732775950_5728839289797006951_n18447490_1306124332775990_1257512033315969249_n (1)

I had so much fun with this project and completed them over a few days, doing each step when I had time. I hope to make one to keep 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day!



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