Create Your Own Outdoor Lamp.

solar lamp

I love how solar lights can brighten an outdoor space at night, especially when street lights are at a minimum and you arrive home in the dark. There are so many lovely solar lights available at stores but why not make one that is unique and fits into your own style and decor?

For this project, I wanted to find a lamp that could be placed at my front door so when we arrive home after dark there is some light. When you live in the country and you leave an outside light on by your door, you invite many moths to come inside with you so solar lamps are perfect!

I did not take a before picture of this lamp but it was just a simple brass lamp with no shade priced at $3 at a local thrift store. The final result took some thought but it did not take very long to create this beauty 🙂

I was not sure exactly how I would turn it into a solar lamp but then I found the glass globe on another trip to the thrift store for $1 and took it home to see if it could work. I went to a couple stores to find the right size solar light and Walmart had one for $8 (actually more money than I wanted to spend!) It sounds crazy, but when you shop at thrift stores, anything over $10 seems expensive 🙂

This lamp could also work well indoors with a battery operated candle or light.


  • I cleaned the lamp and painted 2 coats of Zinnser 123 primer
  • 3 coats of outdoor latex paint (the same blue as my front door)
  • distressed with sandpaper
  • 2 coats of clear spray paint
  • glued the glass globe on the lamp with E6000 adhesive and let dry overnight
  • placed the top of a solar light on and found a spot outside to enjoy it!


This was actually the second lamp I did and I will share pictures of the first one soon. I welcome any comments or questions.

Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day!




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