Simple Beauty With Spring Gardens.

Spring is my favourite season by far; I can even put up with the sneezing and mosquito bites just to see creation come alive again. I do not always have a green thumb (I may or may not have killed a cactus) but I keep working at it and mistakes can be the best teachers.

I prefer perennials in my flower beds as they are low maintenance and easy for lazy gardeners like me.  We can have dry summers and I love plants that are drought resistant; most perennials do not need watering like annuals do and some do not need much direct sunlight either which is great for shady areas by the house.

I wanted to share pictures of my surroundings this Spring and some of the low maintenance plants I love!


Lilac:  the scent of Spring.

Lilac is a sure sign of Spring! I always enjoy the look and scent of the lilacs growing in gardens or on the side of a country road.



Candelabra planter for annuals.

I plant annuals in pots for some consistent colour among the perennials. I found this candelabra at a thrift store; this year I decided to put it to use as a planter.



“Snow-In-Summer”  I love the silver foliage and abundance of flowers.

The ‘snow in summer’ has been a delight in my garden. This hearty perennial is easy to control and grows in sun or shade in my gardens. This plant stays quite low so it works well in rock gardens.



Peony getting ready to bloom; can’t wait!

I was not sure if this peony would do well in my back garden but it sure has thrived and gets bigger each year. The ants are now busy working on the flower buds so I hope to see the large white flowers soon!



Iris; she is a faithful Springtime friend.

Irises are wonderful because I find the bugs leave them alone and they are not too aggressive. I have mini irises also which are dark purple and bloom a bit later; Irises do not bloom for long, but they sure are pretty!



Daisies; you never quite know where they may show up in Spring!

I grew daisies one year from seeds and now they re-seed just about anywhere! These ones popped up at the side of the yard where I threw out some old plants last year but I am glad they showed up! Daisies will last quite long if you cut them and put them in a vase inside so they are great to have in a garden.


Please share your Springtime garden stories or leave a comment for me.

Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day!



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