Motivation: A Word of Encouragement!

I am in the middle of trying to catch up on 11 years of scrap-booking for 3 children and boy am I tired! How on earth am I going to get this done? I thought this was a good time to discuss motivation. (I also welcome any ideas on how to do scrapbook pages quickly!)

I have the amazing opportunity to teach what I love. The word amazing can get thrown around a bit too much; but it fits here. Even though I love what I do, I can be in need of motivation on some days and I find that my students can need it quite a lot.

I had a student ask another one, ‘how do you get motivated?’ and it made me think. There certainly are quite a few quotes or platitudes we can post or share and I do love many of them, but they do not actually get us moving.  For me, I have discovered that when I feel a bit melancholy it is usually because I am not working towards a goal or living out my purpose. I believe it can take a lifetime to discover your purpose but finding out what excites you is a great place to begin. What makes you happy? What activity do you enjoy? When do you feel accomplished?

My mother always says that she sets goals every day and works to complete them; I do find that this can work well. (Yep, mom was right!). You can write goals down on paper, put them in your phone, or just keep a mental note; each day you may use a different method depending on what works best. Do not beat yourself up if you do not complete every goal; as Scarlett O’Hara says, ‘after all, tomorrow is another day.’ 🙂

Trying to get motivated on something you do not want to do but have to do is quite different. In this case, I suggest you keep your ‘eyes on the prize’ so to speak. Remind yourself why you need to complete this project. What is the long term goal? How does it benefit you? Will it benefit someone else? Try to focus on the bigger picture, then tackle the ‘to-do’ list in order of importance (or due date!) For my scrapbooks, my motivation is how much joy I get visiting beautiful memories and knowing they will be an heirloom for my children to keep and share with loved ones.

In conclusion, I want to encourage you to keep doing what you love, discovering what excites you and being creative in some way.  (And if you do not mind, please wish me luck with my ‘summer of scrap-booking’) 🙂


This is the scrapbook page I just completed; so many more to go!

Have a beautiful day!





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