Simple beauty; the sky!

Copy of Copy of quote; beauty garden

Yes, it is true. I am that crazy ‘sky picture’ lady.

I have the privilege of living where I can see a full view of the beautiful sunrise right outside my back window. A sunrise or sunset’s full glory may only be revealed for seconds and I never tire of seeing that amazing sight.

I think my sky obsession began when I saw the sunset while staying at a cottage back in high school. I grew up in the city and could never observe the sky quite the way you see it setting over a lake.

My family teases me for all the ‘sky pictures’ I love to take but I have come to terms with my condition so why not share some of the beautiful ‘skies’ I find joy in capturing?

I hope you enjoy the view!


Sunset; after a few days of rain in Southern Ontario, Canada.


Backyard sunrise.


Summer Blue Sky.


Winter sun after an ice storm.


Sunrise; travelling home from Myrtle Beach.

I would love to see your ‘sky’ pictures and find out if I am not alone in my obsession!

Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day.



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